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We’re Moving!

It’s been a while, huh?

Almost three weeks! What was supposed to be “October Unplugged” turned into “October-and-like-half-of-November-Unplugged.” However, I can assure you the time off was very-much-needed and very-well-used.

For starters…

I am so thrilled to finally announce that Newlyweds in New York is moving to a snappy, snazzy, cozy, and very-long-overdue new website!

This will be the last post on this website. While “Newlyweds in Cincy” served us well for the past three years (you know, while we actually still lived in Cincinnati), we’ve moved on to a new chapter in our lives – in New York. And I’ve been meaning to take this blog to the next level for at least a year now. It’s time! And it’s here! And it’s beautiful! I think you’re really going to love the new look and the new layout. I know I do! The new site is live now. Go to www.newlywedsinnewyork.com to check her out and tell me what you think!

Screen Shot 2013-11-10 at 7.08.41 PM

So, here’s the deal: If you currently subscribe to this blog via email, your subscription should transfer over automatically starting this week, allowing you to still get new posts from Newlyweds in New York right in your inbox. However, if you notice that you’re not receiving them (or if you’d like to subscribe – the easiest way to stay up-to-date on all our adventures!), simply go to www.newlywedsinnewyork.com and sign up by entering your email address under “Subscribe to Newlyweds in New York” at the bottom of the sidebar on your right. If you’ve got this blog bookmarked for quick reference, please update the bookmark’s old URL to the new URL. For the next several months, we’ve also got this blog rigged to automatically redirect you to the new website, should you accidentally come here instead. Automatic redirect will begin this upcoming weekend. Hopefully that’ll help too. Change can be mind-blowing sometimes, can’t it? Eventually, this old site will disappear, but don’t worry – all our pictures, posts, and comments (all the way back to my very first post on November 8, 2010!) have been safely transferred to the new blog for easy access, in case you want to scroll the archives, look something up, or see where it all began.

A gigantic thank you to my talented and unbelievably patient husband Ted for helping to build the new blog’s header and also to my talented and unbelievably patient father-in-law Jack for designing, building, and installing our new blog. You are both incredible! Truly. And a huge thank you to all of you for your continued support of Newlyweds in Cincy/Newlyweds in New York and for sticking around during this most recent hiatus, allowing me the time to focus my efforts on designing and transitioning to the new website, and allowing me the time to focus my energy on my friends, family, work, and personal projects – all of which benefited greatly during this break in October.

Once the dust has settled in a few days, I have a great lineup of fun posts in store for you on the new blog! Posts and pictures from my parents visit to NY, our anniversary, our trip to Virginia, the circus, Halloween, our trip to Ohio, a surprise date night, and a ton of other catch-ups coming your way!

Stay tuned & from now on we’ll you over at www.newlywedsinnewyork.com!



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3 years! Time sure does fly.

Happy Anniversary my love!

And many more :)

I love you with all my heart.


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More Fall Fun


Grillin’ and beerin’





You’re the great pumpkin Charlie Brown!


Shrimp n’ grits


Apple season





Apple pie


Amazing sea salt caramel stuffed snickerdoodles {recipe here}


Homemade chili with all the toppings


40 lb. pumpkin! Be still my heart!

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Fall Fun Fest 2013

A day at Stokoe Farms!

Photo Oct 12, 9 54 40 AM



Photo Oct 12, 10 56 20 AM

Photo Oct 12, 10 40 50 AM




Photo Oct 12, 10 39 47 AM


Photo Oct 12, 10 25 42 AM









zip_line 172

Photo Oct 12, 2 26 40 PM

Photo Oct 12, 1 53 58 PM





And an excellent potluck (I made hard apple cider mac n’ cheese!), wine and cider, games, adorable cats, roasted marshmallows, and bonfire on the shores of the Erie canal:




(A ladies picture – sorry Ted, Ian, and Matt)

Hope you’re enjoying your fall as well!

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Book Club & Other Happenings

Last Thursday the Book Thieves (our ‘chill-coed-young-professionals-who-love-books-friends-food-drinks-and-smart/funny-conversation’ book club) met to determine our books for next year. We read one book every two months and meet for two months in a row (we discuss the first half of the book the first month and the full book the second month), followed by one month off. This schedule allows us to keep up with our busy careers, families, and social lives and still have time to read other non-book-club books that we have a hankering to read. After much suggestion, discussion, and voting, we decided on:
  • The Book Thief by Markus Zusak (currently reading until December)
  • The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey
  • Little Women by Luisa May Alcott and March by Geraldine Brooks (for our classic…with a twist)
  • The Fault in Our Stars by John Green
  • The Bookman’s Tale by Charlie Lovett
Also high contenders on our list (and therefore possibilities for the year after next) were The Mercy of Thin Air by Ronlyn Domingue, NW by Zadie Smith, The Professor and the Madman by Simon Winchester, some Sherlock Holmes, Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld, and Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah.
Then on Sunday night we all met for a special Midnight Dinner in honor of The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern (if you haven’t read it, you’re missing out!). It was all kinds of fun and delicious. We ate our fill of awesome food and desserts, drank butterschnaps apple cider martinis from hollowed out apples, explored a tarot card reading, read fortunes from the book, and enjoyed surprise goodies.
On Tuesday we had an autumn-themed potluck lunch at work – we all brought a homemade fall dish, beverage, or dessert to share, served it up buffet style in the kitchen, and dined together in the library/conference room at one big table. So fun to enjoy a long and relaxing lunch with great co-workers…and so delicious! Fall foods are the BEST. I brought my traditional pumpkin mac n’ cheese. Not pictured were all the tasty pumpkin cookies or breads, pumpkin curry soup, and apple cider. Also, double stuffed Halloween oreos with a peanut butter cup in the center and the whole shebang dipped in chocolate is just about the most phenomenal dessert…ever.
photo 1
photo 2
photo 3
And on Tuesday night Ted and I used a gift card a kind soul had given us to Open Face for dinner (try this sweet and quirky little place in the Southwedge…it’s so fresh and delish!!) and then we had a fun time seeing Pump Boys & Dinettes at Geva.
photo 4
photo 1
photo 2
photo 3
photo 2
photo 1
What fall fun have you been up to lately?

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Long Overdue

After the insanity of the past two weekends of non-stop walking from Fringe Fest show to Fringe Fest show, which were wonderful but far from relaxing, this past weekend was awesome. It looked something like this:

Friday: Pizza, pajamas, and a TV night at home (Last Man Standing, Big Bang Theory, and The Neighbors).

Saturday: Since Ted’s knee is torn and will require surgery soon, we chose not to run in the Photo Finish Philanthropy 5k this year, but we woke up early to stand on a pretty little street corner near mile marker 3 to cheer on my Geva friends and co-workers (and everyone else) who was running. Way to go team Geva for running and raising over $3,400! After the race we lazily ran some errands to pick up pears, concord grapes, autumn corn, and Amish pumpkin bread at the public market, did our grocery shopping, got our flu shots, and went to church. Then we enjoyed the wonderful opening night of The Last Five Years – the show Ted is stage managing and audio engineering, and went out for some late-night dinner and drinks on the patio by the toasty firepit at The Distillery with the cast and their families and friends.

Sunday: Our Artistic Director decided to host the Sunday Salon post-show talk-back for Pump Boys & Dinettes that I usually host, so I had the whole day off – a nice little surprise! We slept in, worked on a few autumn crafty things, did a little calendar and organizational housekeeping, kept tabs on the Packers/Lions game, made a homemade mushroom-Parmesan lasagna and arugula-candied walnut-Boursin-shallot-pear salad, joined Ted, cast and crew for an opening-weekend cast party at the director’s home in the afternoon, and then headed to a fun, fancy, and delicious themed Midnight Dinner in honor of The Night Circus with my book club friends in the evening.

We also finally got around to making some serious progress on my new blog design (it’s looking good!) washing, drying, and setting up our new sheets, comforter, and towels (it was time), cleaning Ace’s tank, spending some quality time together (always wonderful), and socializing with others (which it’s felt like it’s been forever since we’ve done that and suddenly 3 events in one weekend with at least 3 more coming up in the next week).

I’ll be back in a few days to share more. Hope you’re enjoying this beautiful October!

photo {It’s beginning to look wonderfully autumny around our house! Ted surprised me on October 1, when I got home from work, with that beautiful white pumpkin, a “just because/happy October!” card and the little round orange pumpkin in front of the card…just because he knows how much I love October. He’s the best!}

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Unplug October

I’ve decided to unplug a bit this month.


October is my favorite month and I’d like to live this month to its fullest. We’ve got a handful of fun social engagements on the books, family in town for a week, a trip out of town for a few days, our anniversary, a bunch of exciting but busy theatrical pursuits at work, and a fall to-do list of goodness to enjoy. I’ve also got a long-overdue and very exciting complete revamp of this blog in the works and I’d like to have some free time to spend on perfecting it (coming soon!), as well as a few other projects I’ve been procrastinating on for quite some time that I’d like to make time for. And I want to relax and bake and read and go for walks and watch Gilmore Girls and be present with my family and friends and do nothing but enjoy the cool, crisp autumn air and soak it all in.

In truth, I’ve also been feeling a bit bogged down lately too. And I have a sneak suspicion social media – blogs, facebook, pinterest – might be the culprit. Unfortunately, social media also has a tendency of sucking up time and energy that could be used more positively and constructively elsewhere. I think unplugging from these things will help me to focus better on my work, my passions, and my play this month. I think it’ll help me enjoy October more because I won’t be inundated with words and pictures of all the things I cannot afford or do not have time or resources to do and yet look so appealing that I am overwhelmed by the thought of them. I think unplugging will help me appreciate and enjoy the simple yet wonderful things in my life more, and also help me to be more productive and successful in my own way, on projects and down time that matter to me.

I’m not gone for good, by any means. Over the course of this next month, I might stop in once or twice a week for a post if I have something particularly exciting to share. I certainly don’t want to lose my readers, and I really do hope you’ll stick around. I’m more unplugging from facebook, pinterest, and the reading of other people’s blogs than the writing of my own – which I consider to be a fun, healthy, and creative outlet for myself, but also something that can take up a lot of time. So I’ll still be posting this month, just more sporadically than usual. When I return to 5-days-a-week blogging in November I’m sure I’ll have a ton of fun stuff to report…and a brand new, totally redesigned look for the blog!

Enjoy your October. Take some time for yourself this month. I’ll see you soon.


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